The Sparkle of Fall

Before we leave fall color behind, I wanted you to see two other sketches made near My Field.  Here I’m trying out different mediums, inspired by the One Drawing A Day book I told you about here.  In these I’ve used crayons, just regular ‘ole crayons to draw with, or to put in accents here and there.  The watercolor paint won’t adhere to the paper where wax crayon has been used.

It offers a sparkling effect…enhancing the glowing colors.  In the drawing below, I used the crayon mostly as outline, whereas in the first drawing, crayon is used more for interior accent and texture.  The first sketch is facing the entrance to my neighborhood which is right on the corner of The Field.  The second sketch is 90 degrees to the right of this sign, a conglomeration of color by the road leading into and out of the neighborhood.

I already miss the sparkle of Fall…

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