A Big Day!

Today we take our oldest child to college. A small truck and a van are packed full of her things. And I’m wondering if it will all fit into her dorm room at Wingate! A host of emotions have been flurrying around our house and in my heart lately.  But this morning, I’m thankful.

Thankful for this beautiful daughter that we were given the privilege of parenting and watching her grow up into a young lady.

Thankful for the incredible opportunity she has to study the beauty of Music at Wingate University.

Thankful for family and friends who will be supporting her in their thoughts and prayers.

Thankful for all the new friends and “family” at Wingate she will meet, and who will become her lifelong friends.

Thankful for the unbelievable miracle of provision for her to go to this marvelous school.

Thankful for endings…and for Beginnings.

We love you Catie!

0 thoughts on “A Big Day!

  1. Deborah Lowe says:

    Seeing these portraits of your daughter, reveals to me just what an amazingly talented, visionary, and skilled artist you are. God has truly gifted you, Jennifer. I am so glad to know you through this blog! Your daugther is so beautiful and your paintings stunning. I wish her all the very best!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you Deborah…for the well wishes for our daughter, for your kind comments too! Hope you are happily drawing and painting these days!

  2. Caroline says:

    Painted with love, these are beautiful portraits of a lovely young lady! But no matter what the future holds, where ever the two of you may be, she will always be your baby, and just as importantly, you will always be her mum.
    And when the grandchildren arrive, you will be doubly blest!

  3. kestrelart says:

    Hese are fabulous paintings. A real sense of celebration in your painting. I love your use of colour, capturing highlights in brunette hair through greens.

  4. Ramona Davidson says:

    I am always amazed at how God has given to everyone a gift (here art) and how multivaried (the art) can be from person to person. Wonderful, beautiful work of how your life is changing. Thank you for sharing your gift and life with us.

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