A Bird’s Nest

What is it about Bird’s Nests that we are so attracted to them?  They’re all over the web, on book covers, as jewelry, as decorations, on cards, in paintings, etc.  What is the “draw”?:)

Does it have something to do with the brown mess of twigs and sticks, mud and leaves, tenderly assembled into a home?

Is it the wonder of these little creatures so diligently crafting their home to house and hold their little-ones-to-be?

Is it the pretty, soft-colored eggs that lie there in expectant waiting?

Does it represent hope? new life? spring? future joy?

Perhaps it is all this and more. Perhaps it’s the perfect picture of an exquisite everyday exclamation! A monumental mundane!  A typically UN-noticed and hidden jewel perched precariously in a tree, exposed to wind and weather, yet enduring.

When we peer into a Bird’s Nest, do we see ourselves? our lives? our life’s work?

I don’t know.  All I know is that I love to draw them. Love to knit them. Love to crochet them. Somehow they speak to me of Spring. Of Hope. Of Life.

P.S. To crochet this bird and its nest, click here for my pattern to purchase.  To knit the nest and eggs in the middle photo, click here for the free pattern from Purl Bee.

8 thoughts on “A Bird’s Nest

  1. nancy t says:

    What a lovely post! There’s something magical about bird nests – I have one in my studio and I love it. Your yarn nests and birds are wonderful! nancy

  2. meegan says:

    yes nests are very fascinating – i guess its the time and effort these creatures take to finish one, and its all done with their little beaks. i do love the embroidered nests. so clever!

  3. renaissancewoman001 says:

    You are so right about nests! Like the spring flowers that are poking their heads up everywhere, they speak of birth, renewal, hope! I love the watercolor nest! Your style is so loose and uninhibited…that’s what I would like to be able to do someday. I hope you don’t mind that I’m displaying your wc nest on my phone home screen for awhile! It makes me smile!

  4. Alex Tan says:

    Ooooh… such a sweet theme 🙂 For some reason looking at these reminds me of my wife’s friend who just had a baby girl and she would sometimes be describing herself to be ‘nesting’ prior to giving birth.. which I thought it’s a very motherly behavior =) Just like the drawing I guess…which gives a familiar warmth of a mother

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