A Close-up View

Pretending to be a camera zooming in on details…I’m showing you the lovelies of Simplicity Shawl. When I draw or paint, I love to zoom in and crop the edges of an image as I’m sketching. This gives the sketch or painting a bit of an abstracted look…one might first wonder “what is it?” and then the realization comes upon closer look. Zooming in also gives you the opportunity to not be so literal, if you like. The objects you draw do not have to be “proportional” or in correct perspective…they can just exist as shapes: fun, lovely, created shapes.

Simplicity Shawl itself, is a fun, lovely, created shape. The pattern allows you to choose whether you make it into a triangle or into an upside-down trapezoid. The rosette clasp continues the shape fun with layering simple crocheted motifs to make something that looks like a flower. To further the shape-play, you can be creative with how you wear it: secure it in the center front, or off to the side, knotted or tied in any fashion, or wrapped around your waist. The v-stitch used in the shawl works up so quickly, it makes a perfect gift for someone on your list.

Try looking at your world by zooming in and seeing the shapes…you’ll find inspiration for drawings, paintings, fiber work or whatever your creative penchant may be!

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