A Day for Color

Perusing all the UNfinished sketchbooks, I decided to pick up a favorite and see if I could finish it.  Why I ever stopped drawing in it eludes me…I think it has more to do with my creative ADD, flitting from one “ooh, let me try that!” to another, than it does any dissatisfaction with the sketchbook itself.  This is a Handbook Journal in my favorite square size.  It’s a teensy bit tiny for me, but I remember enjoying it two summers ago, filling the pages with pen drawings that I watercolored over, and sprinkled a few paper collage images here and there.  Just last week I picked it up again to fill its remaining pages.

It was a chilly day…no outdoor sketching for me.  So my “landscape” was my new livingroom and the red furniture I promised to show you in color.  I’ve had a smidge of an itch to knit lately.  But every time I pull something out to begin, I stuff it away in favor of drawing…JUST GOTTA DRAW!

This bunny sits atop our armoire-tv-media-center in the living room.  I crocheted her a couple of years ago and love the wonky shapes.  I also have a thing for how the watercolor looks on this paper:  it’s quite different than other papers, both cheaper white papers and proper watercolor papers.  It retains the flowy look of watercolor and allows you to layer the colors one on top of the other, but once it dries, it has a soft, almost “old” look about it.  Perhaps it’s the cream color of the Handbook Journal paper, or maybe it’s the absorbent rag content, I’m not sure.  It does ruffle some, but I even like that about it…adds to the aged look of the watercolored pages.  Nice.

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  1. Cathy says:

    The solution is not having too many sketchbooks on the go, finishing one before you start another (says she who has 5 sitting on the shelf!)
    I love the reds and the blue cushion on the top sketch, great furniture 🙂

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