A Day to Honor…

…all those living with Diabetes in whatever form it takes in their lives.  On this day, World Diabetes Day, we are especially remembering the thousands of people, both children and adults who live bravely with Type 1 Diabetes all over the world.  It will be two years on December 7th, that our daughter Maddie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  She continues to amaze us with how she daily faces this disease, courageously bounces back when it tries to knock her down, and creatively solves “problems” she faces with its limitations.

A recent example of this is how she has chosen to deal with issues arising from taking a gymnastics class.  She has left this weekly class in tears because of the pain of either the teacher accidentally touching her inset while helping her up on an apparatus, or from it hitting a bar as she tries to twirl around it.  Since she did not want to put her inset in her back area (where the insulin does not deliver very well), SHE decided she wants to take out her inset for the duration of the gymnastics class, then come home, put on the lidacaine cream for numbing, and re-insert a fresh inset.  Mind you, the insertion of an inset is not a pain-free process!  But she insists on this, and her dad and I want her to be “in charge” of managing this disease and of her own body.  We salute her bravery, her creativity, and her determination to not let diabetes keep her from doing ANYTHING!

Here’s to ALL who live with diabetes around the world.  We think especially of those children living in areas of the world where diabetes supplies are slim, unattainably expensive for them, and who do not have access to some of the technological advances our children in the U.S. benefit from.  We pray for provision for them, for people to educate, train, and care for them as they manage their diabetes.

If you would like to read more about our own journey with Maddie and Type 1 Diabetes, click on the Category link in the right-hand margin of my blog, titled Type 1.

0 thoughts on “A Day to Honor…

  1. Sandra says:

    Glad to hear of the spunk! Your portrait is lovely and the story is so heartwarming. Two years-you have all gone through so much. Yet, you are educating the rest of us. Take care.

  2. nancy t says:

    Maddie is a beautiful, smart, determined little girl, and I salute you and your husband for supporting her decisions regarding the management of her disease and activities. All of you have much to be proud of! nancy

  3. Alex Tan says:

    Love the portrait. And what a touching story of your daughter braving her way through her abnormal lifestyle. You have a great family, and like everyone has said, admirable in many ways in terms of courage, support, and love.

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