A Delicious Morning

Morning is the best time of day for me…quiet, solitude, time to think, read, pray, write.  But it is made even better when my littlest joins me.  I tell her, “This is quiet time for us…you can write too.”  So she grabs paper and pen and begins to write.

This particular morning she began a story about her favorite stuffed animals.  They are the three she carries around with her these days, that is, if she doesn’t have an American Girl doll in her arms. She’s quite the writer, Maddie is.  And a “making machine”!  I’ll have to post soon all the recent creations this girl has produced.

The only difficulty with Maddie joining me in the mornings, is that after a bit of quiet and writing, she then wants to share with me what she has written.  Not a bad thing…just an end to the quiet, an end to the musing and praying.  But don’t we all want to share what we’re creating?  Isn’t it just built into creativity to share what we’ve got going, what we’ve made, drawn, painted, written, created?

As Thanksgiving continues…THANK YOU for allowing me to share with you here in this little patch of blogland, the things I create– drawings, paintings,  knitting, crocheting, thoughts, life, etc. . Thank you for visiting!

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  1. danscanvas.blogspot.com says:

    Great drawing, and a wonderful description of your mornings. One day I imagine that you will look back on Maddie’s spirited interruptions as a treasure.

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