A Desk Saga–Part Four


And so I embrace this life desk of mine, this full, rich, cluttery, diverse, busy-bordering-on-insane, explosive, colorful life desk! And yet…there remains a desire to arrange, sort it all out, organize or actually…maybe re-boot, re-start, toss it out and begin again.

Don’t we all get to this place with our life desk from time to time! So even as I’m embracing the beautiful chaos which is my life desk, I’m thinking I’d like to try something just to see what would happen.

During our teacher work days this fall, we had a student’s mom come in to help us with sorting and organizing our classrooms.  She runs a business in which she offers her help and expertise to women who desire to bring some order and organization to their homes.  She taught us her simple approach to what she does with her clients. I won’t go into all the thoughts and nuances behind her approach.  I’ll just show you her 3 simple steps as I go through them with my desk:


Remember, the above is how it looked when I began.


First:  Clear it all out!


Second:  Clean it good!


Third:  Only put back what is Necessary and Good.

I really liked this last part. If it was only about putting back what is “necessary”, it would be too pragmatic. But including those things which are “good” as well, allows for the whimsy, the few items which are fun and memorable.


I even felt like switching out the painting. Just for fun.

It’s weird…I do believe i’m breathing a bit easier now. And I’m not hearing voices! That’s gotta be a good thing! Maybe something about my desk being less cluttered will help me experience my life in like manner. Maybe.

THE END (or is it?)

**Now let’s see just how long I can go before I find myself needing to do this all over again!! Hee! Hee! 😉 The persons in  my house have all placed bets on how long it will take for my desk to get to its “usual” state. <Meep>

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  1. Timaree says:

    I like the idea of removing everything and putting some back. The trouble comes in as to where to put what I removed! I like your new picture. The colors and style are softer and go well with what you’ve left on the desk. I can certainly see the reference from desk to life too! I guess we enjoy excitement and even the chaos a project can bring but when it turns into being frantic or grinds to a standstill it’s no longer okay. I really have taken the step of throwing too much away just to regain the semblance of “getting it all together” as far as my art goes. Thank goodness I haven’t actually done it where my life is concerned! It doesn’t really work for me to just start anew with my art so I am sure it wouldn’t with my life.

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