A Desk Saga–Part Three


Part Three

Dear Jen,

It pains me to see how stressed you are over this desk. And I’m a bit worried about you: It appears as if you’re hearing voices emanating from the inanimate objects on the top of this desk. They are telling you things that just aren’t true. Try to keep from attaching meaning to the jumble on your desk. It is what it is.  A desk full of things.  Just that and nothing more.

If you’re still plagued by what it all means, you could try turning all the negative voices from the inanimate objects into positive ones. Like: I’m a creative being who enjoys many different creative outlets. OR: Just look at that festive exuberance of color! OR: I live and have a full, rich, wonderful life and this is just proof of it!

But if it’s really bothering you to just look at it, you do have the power to do something about it. Go ahead, rearrange, clean it up, sort, discard, whathaveyou. Whatever you do, just don’t buy into those negative, drag-you-down, paralyzing thoughts. Throw THOSE away first before doing anything!

From the One who loves you whether your desk is cluttered or ordered.

to be continued….

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  1. Timaree says:

    That is true. We can clean up our spaces. It takes some doing and we need places to keep ongoing projects where we won’t forget them but it can be done. I am so tempted to buy a second desk but I tell myself no because I know I would just let the sprawl take it over too. It’s “The Case of the Sprawling Art” and I need Sherlock Holmes to find the missing project, lol.

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