A Desk Saga–Part Two


Part Two

Dear God,

What does it meeaaannn???? This desk of mine!? Does it mean that I’m  a sluggard who never clears off her desk? Does it mean that I am so scatter brained I can’t keep up with one thing and another? Does it mean that I have so many things going on in my life AND creatively, that I can’t keep it sorted and organized? Does it mean that I have creative ADD in hyper mode?  Does it mean that I am doomed to a life of things hovering around that I WANT to make? plus things I HAVE MADE? plus things I am in the PROCESS of making? Does it mean I can’t let go of stuff? Does it mean I’m incapable of working on ONE THING AT A TIME?  Does it mean I’m a hoarder? Does it mean, as the saying goes, that I have a cluttered mind?  I mean really, W.H.A.T.   I. S.   T.H.I.S….?????

Would really love to know,


to be continued…

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  1. Kate G says:


    I’d like to know what it means, too. I think I’m just realizing that I let go of routine in order to serve the creator within me. I don’t think that’s a bad thing but… adding a little more routine back in will be good for me. I’m realizing too, that it’s all about having some sort of balance that feels right before getting to a point where I am paralyzed.

    And, I, like you, go from one thing to the next, too. Sometimes I feel like I have too many things I like to do and feel like I need to only pick one. I don’t know how I could… At a show the other day, a customer noticed how many different things I did. I apologetically said, “I guess I’m still finding my way.” “Or,” she says, “Everything IS what you do. Nothing wrong with that.” To tell the truth, I’m not sure I’d be happy with an alternative.


    • jenpedwards says:

      I’m with you in this. After so many years of feeling like a fish that flip flops around between several creative outlets, I know I’m happiest just swimming in waters that contain so many fun things to make! I also wonder if it’s really about “balance”, a word that can seem so well, in exciting. Or if its more about ebb and flow, move this way then that way, hit a spot in this direction (like a messy desk) and then move in the other direction for a time. Thanks for commenting. I think our collective voices help us all!

  2. Timaree says:

    I’d like to know too! I like Virginia’s “I flit, I float, I flow, I fly”! But I need to land at times too thinking of the balance Kate talks about. I can’t fly unless I know where my feet can safely land I guess and my messy table is basically keeping that landing strip from showing up.

  3. strangerkiss says:

    Actually, I now feel completely okay! I thought it was just me and everyone else’s studio/workspace was tidy and organized. Whenever I decide to organize it’s great but it lasts a VERY short time and then I’m back to thinking “I really need to organize…” Now, I’m just going to go with it…the mess makes me feel like I’ve done something. And the occasional organizing hour or two means I get to archaeologically dig through and be surprised by things!

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