A Drawing Opportunity

Though every day, every moment, is a drawing opportunity, I have been offered a huge opportunity to go draw at a beautiful garden in Asheville, NC. This weekend I am headed to Devotion, the name of Mignon Durham’s beautiful garden and home which she has built, planted and curated for the past nine years. To put it mildly…I am over the moon excited about filling my sketchbooks with the formal and woodland gardens that surround her home!

Sketchbook drawing from a photo in Devotion: Diary of an Appalachian Garden.

A couple of months ago, I attended on a whim, an author book-talk at our Ciener Botanical Gardens. The title of the book, Devotion: A Diary of an Appalachian Garden, intrigued me since I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and have a love for gardens. My friend Mary and I went to hear about the amazing creation of this garden and home on 2.77 acres in Asheville. It was there that a renewed vision of drawing in gardens, painting their beauty and tranquility, took root in my heart and mind and to which I’ve been daily “drawn”. I was enchanted to hear Mignon tell her story of her own vision for this garden and how it has evolved over the years. Her passion and delight in this place and in the ways she has honored the land, wildlife and plant life came through clear as a bell and I longed to start drawing in gardens again, as I had done years ago.

Wildflowers at a Rest Stop on 421. Acrylic painting in sketchbook.

Through an email or two, she graciously offered that I come draw and paint there at Devotion. I have been amazed at her generosity and have been excitedly making a list of what I need to bring. The pile of sketchbooks and art supplies will likely exceed the bag filled with everyday clothes and necessities. It is only a couple of days, but I am preparing for the possibilities of trillium in watercolor, rhododendron in oil pastel, and numerous pen, crayon and pencil works her garden will inspire! I’m excited to share this drawing adventure with you dear reader. I may even post a photo or two on FB from Devotion as I draw in these gorgeous surroundings.

Brush Pen & Watercolor in sketchbook.

I must away to pack and plan for this adventure which might include some rain. I have purchased a funny umbrella hat I can wear while drawing outdoors in the garden. I have no idea if it will work or not, but I will want to draw no matter the weather. Unless it is really windy (in which case this umbrella hat would not be fun to wear) I want to be prepared for plein aire drawing and painting! It’s all part of an adventure and I look forward to sharing it with you when I return!

6 thoughts on “A Drawing Opportunity

  1. Patsy Cuthrell says:

    Wow, sounds like a wonderful opportunity and can’t wait to see what you produce. The work you posted with this are amazing. I am all about to strong colors !! Have fun ! I will try to keep you posted on what is looking good in my garden !

  2. Cheryl Wright says:

    Oh Jennifer what a wonderful and exciting opportunity to explore that garden you have described so beautifully and capture all its lusciousness in your sketchbook(s).
    I too, am looking forward to sharing in your experience as you share snapshots.
    Go forth my friend and may God bless your adventure in more ways than you imagine.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Thank you so much Cheryl! I didn’t see your comment here until now! It was a fabulous weekend and I have a treasure trove of memories and drawings! Thank you for commenting here! Have a super day! -Jennifer

  3. Linda Connor Kane says:

    I am a good friend of Mignon’s and have watched this garden grow from the beginning. It is wonderful how you have captured it! Just lovely!

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Thank you Linda for commenting here! I was truly in awe of her home and gardens and it was incredible to see how much it has grown since the photos were taken in the book. I appreciate your kind words! Have a lovely day! -Jennifer

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