A Dreamy Gift

Recently, Genevieve was given a Dreamy Gift! It’s one of those gifts where it is obvious the giver has taken great care to make it especially for you. I am now the proud owner of this most fantabulous piggy bank!

My friend (who happens to be a “Jennifer” also) discovered that I have a Dream to one day visit France.  So her creative mind set to thinking how I could save toward such a grand dream.  She bought this totally awesome vintage travel (cosmetic?) case, and decorated it with all sorts of stickers with a France theme. It’s in my favorite blue color (notice how it matches Genevieve’s dress) and all the stickers make it look so Frenchy! It even came with a few dollars and coins already donated to my “dream”…HOW COOL IS THAT!!!  It’s a really awesome thing when friends hold onto, and encourage, a dream you have.  Thank you Jennifer!

So Genevieve has been tossing in “leftover” coinage and inviting her family to participate in the “the Dream” ;).

Un de ces jours…(means: one of these days…)

…je vais voyager en France!

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