A Favorite Barn


At the end of a road down which I walk each day, is a wonderful old barn. This barn sits on Smith land and is a part of Smith Hollow Farm where my artist friend Debbie and I have spent many a happy morning drawing the land, their horses, goats, and donkey named Elvis. As I sat here drawing this view, Mr. Smith drove up in his truck and hollered at me that I could go on down into the land further to paint or draw whenever I liked. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I receive a happy greeting. One never knows.

Barns are a favorite of mine, to draw and paint for sure, and to just gaze at and wonder about the history and life lived in and around the barn. Years ago, at Appalachian State University, I was able to see a show of pastel paintings by Wolf Kahn and I distinctly remember saying to my mom: I wish I had been the one to make these paintings.

It would be so cool to travel from one end of North Carolina to the other, drawing and painting the barns. Just in my hometown of Boone, the number of barns would keep me busy for years I’m sure. I would want not just to draw them, but also interview their owners, find out a bit of the history of the barn, the family who built and owned it, etc. If anyone wants to hire me to drawcument Watauga County’s barns… Ha! Wouldn’t that be fun?

The temps are much cooler this week and I have a feeling Debbie and I will be drawing indoors, returning to Eclection as our cold-weather haunt. I will surely miss drawing outdoors. I’ve been stealing away to draw in my yard lately, on the back deck, and enjoy the beautiful colors we are having. The winds are starting to blow them away.

November is a busy full month for me! The JDRF Walk for the Cure is this weekend and there’s still time to donate! Then I have an Art Show on the 22nd at Southwinds Gallery (do come for any portion of the 4-7 pm time slot on that Saturday!). Then Thanksgiving,  followed by my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary party on the 29th. Full indeed!

I may need to steal away to draw up at the barn a few times just to catch my breath!:)

0 thoughts on “A Favorite Barn

  1. whimseytopia says:

    I agree. I was having lunch with friends yesterday, and we pondered the question of what to do when we got home: sketch or knit. One lady was waiting for some yarn in the mail, the other’s first concern was feeding her husband his dinner, but I knew that I would watercolor an Uncle Sam, an image running through my mind all morning.

    I love your self portrait. I may try one, though I’m clearly not as pretty as you.

    • jenpedwards says:

      From the looks of the cute girl in your avatar, I bet you’re just as pretty!! We are our own worst critics, eh? Glad to meet someone who loves both drawing and knitting! I’d love to see your self-portrait, if you draw/paint one! Thanks for commenting!

  2. freebirdsings says:

    Hope you have fun at both your walk and your parents anniversary party. My parents had a party for their 25th but mom didn’t make it much longer than that; I’ve already passed them up by far having had our 42nd! Fifty always sounded like the partners would be so ancient but now I have formed a bit of a different attitude lol.

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