A Few of My Favorite Things…

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Favorite Thing #1:  Nothing gets better than sitting IN MY FIELD painting.  A few of weeks ago I got to spend an afternoon painting a couple of views of the freshly baled hay in Mr. Whicker’s field.  I keep calling it “my” field, and it really isn’t.  But I call it that because it is a favorite place to be, to walk by, to listen in, and to paint and draw.

Available in My Etsy Shoppe

Favorite Thing #2:  Getting to be there long enough for TWO paintings.  And then the very next day, the tractors came through gathering them for the barn.  I was so glad I had gotten out there and captured their loveliness while I could.  Hay bales, for some odd reason, are so beautiful to me! I like to think of them as all the colors of the field wrapped up in a bundle.

Favorite Thing #3:  Offering these little spots of beauty from my life to yours.  Please check out my Etsy Shop called Drawn2Shoppe.  There are a few other original works for sale there. More will be added to the original paintings and drawings, as well as more knit and crochet patterns.  There’s a special spot for commissioned portrait vignettes, which I’m very excited to offer!

Maybe these are a few of YOUR favorite things too!

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  1. Deborah says:

    Amazing…you may be the only person i know who loves hay bales as much as i do. I so agree!! My breath always catches when i see a field of round bales. Good for you for getting out there!

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