A Field Alive!

As I walked out into the middle of my outdoor studio, the most delightful thing happened.  Walking up to the edge of the field, I could HEAR that the field was alive…that wonderful sound of crickets and whatever else makes those noises we love.  But as I took a step into the field, ten or more “things” went flying, scooting away from each footfall!  As I walked, it looked like a field version of an ocean scene…where schools of dolphin leap and frolic alongside a boat moving through the water.  These were schools of crickets, or grasshoppers (I know not which) bounding and leaping away with each step I took.  I laughed at the delight of it and wondered if they would keep on leaping once I’d set up my chair and started drawing.  Alas, they settled down as well, and I wondered if they were curious about their field visitor.

So…imagine, if you will, from the last post’s drawing, that you are making 90 degree turns to the right in your sketching chair.  The last post’s view was toward Mr. Whicker’s farm, across Silver Dapple Lane.  The first drawing in this post has you looking in the direction of Silver Dapple intersecting with Hastings Hill Rd, with his farm on your left (unseen) and the little dab of road in the upper left corner is the end of Silver Dapple Lane.  The next drawing is another 90 degree turn to the right, now facing across Hastings Hill Rd, where homes begin at Emmaus Rd.

The world of nature, no matter whether it’s suburban or country, always feels alive to me, crickets or no.  Trees, lanes, homes, lawns, wildflowers, skies, clouds, even the weeds, buzz with life.

It always enlivens ME to be out in it.

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