A Get-Away

“My Field”, which I’m calling the lovely patch of land at the top of my neighborhood, is probably the best get-away a girl could have. Considering the realities of my life, these are the perks:

*It doesn’t cost ANYTHING!

*I get to stay close to home, close to Maddie at school.

*No packing, planning for the family while I’m gone.

*Plenty of quiet and solitude, except for the birds, crickets, occasional cars going by.

*Lots of fresh air and beautiful views.

*Option to have a mini half-hour get-away or an extended couple-hours stay is flexible and open-ended.

This particular day, the roof was a smidge leaky, but it didn’t dampen the fun! This view is down Silver Dapple Lane with Mr. Whickers farm on the left.  You only see his mailbox though.

More to come in the days to come!

0 thoughts on “A Get-Away

  1. danscanvas.blogspot.com says:

    Sounds like heaven. beautifully done – a real sense of place there. You are lucky to be so close to this field.

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