A Giveaway and a Getaway!

Drum roll please…the winner of a free set of my latest notecards is…Timaree (freebird)!!!  So please contact me to let me know your address.  I’ll send them out to you pronto!  THANK YOU to all who placed comments!  I do wish each of you could have won.  Of course, you can always order a set here or click on the Art Cards image on the sidebar of my blog.  Now that the Giveaway is decided, let me tell you about our getaway to the beach this week:

It was a bit last minute…not really planned ahead of time.  But away we went to Cherry Grove (a North Myrtle Beach spot) with two of our three kids, since the oldest was spending her spring break on a cruise ship! (the lucky dog!)  We had a wonderful time:  I didn’t have to do too much cooking, the weather was fabulous, we swam, we walked on the beach, we rested, we “did our own thing” (which means a variety of things from skateboarding to knitting, swimming to drawing, watching sunrises, sunsets, and even moonrises!)  We have actually gone to this same place the last three Spring Breaks running, due to some very generous friends of ours.  The first drawing above, is one of several I made this year of our view out the window.  The next drawing is a montage of various beachy things: people on the beach, a bike leaned up against the Cola machine, people leaning on the railing of the pier, and the lamps by the pool.  This next set of drawings are from last year…I always find it interesting to see how my drawing approach changes…sketchbooks are wonderful for keeping this history.  I love the process of drawing I’m doing now- continuous line drawings are my favorite!  But then I loved what I was doing last year, and the year before that…always growing and changing.

Our getaway was much needed.  We have hit the ground running though…how is it that one can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in just a few hours drive from the coast to home?  Ughhh!

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  1. Raena says:

    It looks like you had a terrific time at the beach. I went to North Myrtle Beach last year and that coastline is beautiful! (Galveston is kind of ugly…brown water!) Love the sketches. And congratulations Timaree!

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