A Holiday Line

I seem to drift back into one-liner drawings when time is limited.  This method of drawing is very centering and meditative, which I’m in huge need of these days!  I have a little tabletop white tree this year in my studio.  Some of my sketching/painting supplies are set under the tree for lack of another place to put them.  I love the intersection of lines, incomplete shapes, connections between objects that this way of drawing reveals.  It always makes me think of that invisible common thread that DOES exist in my life between all the disparate elements.  That golden thread is always there, even though I don’t readily see it.  Typically life feels like a jumble of disconnected stuff.  But if I sit, and ponder, and really SEE…the line, or thread, appears winding it’s way in and out of everything creating a lovely whole.

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  1. BarbaraB says:

    I’m always looking for ways to connect meditative practice and art. This is fabulous. I love the visual combination of the line and splashes of color. And I love your reflection on the thread.

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