A la Lucy

There are certain folks whom I think are pros at recognizing and recording the unexpected and unforecasted lovelies in life.  In the drawing world, Danny Gregory is one of my favorites who continues, through his books, to inspire me to chronicle the little things of my world in images.  Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy is another who chronicles the simple beauties of everyday life through photography.  I have visited her blog for a couple of years now and I always enjoy seeing the lovelies in her life, both big and small.  Another gal who inspires me to see the loveliness of every day, is Lucy of Attic 24.  She has a rainbow palette with which she both views the world and infuses into her world.  Everything from the socks she putters around the house in, to her Little People’s artwork, to buttons, to papers, to decorating, to baking, and of course, to crochet.  You can’t help but be infected with the colors!  Infection it is…in such a good way…bright, bold color to cheer up the dreariest of winter days.  You really must visit her slice of the world in England!

So the other day, when I needed a pouch for some 3 x 5 cards, I pulled out all my leftovers whose colors were in Lucy’s palette.  Bits of Noro, Lamb’s pride, etc.  Simple single crochet, a button I made a year or so ago, and voila!  Instant joy!  The pouch sits with my daily writing journal (which is also littered with line drawings) and greets me each morning with its sunny colorfulness.

Isn’t it funny how we affect each other like this?  Even though I’ve never met her in person, her creativity impacts mine.  And my creativity impacts others.  And your creativity impacts those around you.  I continue to think about snowflakes and their individual uniqueness.  Part of what makes up our uniqueness is what we find ourselves fascinated by.  Snowflake Bentley was fascinated with snowflakes. I’m so glad he was, because we have all benefitted from his fascination. We have been enriched by his individuality.  Our individual uniqueness is MORE beautiful in community with others.  So share your unique creativity with others…share what fascinates you…either through blogging or exhibiting or teaching or just showing it to a friend…it is infectious and you may never know what an impact it will have!

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  1. A.T. says:

    I love the pouch! Something like this will make a good insulin pump pouch if that’s the direction you’re going in with your daughter. Hope all is well with her diabetes. – Amy, Mom of Type 1 six-yr-old

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