A Lenten Walk


I have now written down the story behind the events of the last few months. I humbly submit it to you dear reader, should you even wish to dive into it. It is a true story of what happened. It is not what came to mind in hindsight. It may seem fantastical or bizarre. But there it is. And I believe I was given that sense of being caught up in a story of Lent, to encourage me along the way.

Feel free to print it out, curl up somewhere comfy with a coffee or tea to read. Should you feel that it would be of benefit to someone you know, pass it along, either digitally or in paper copy. It is not intended to make me seem super spiritual…goodness No! It is meant to bring focus to the One who traveled a Lenten Walk before me. A walk which I may have tastes of here on earth, but which I will never have to endure fully because He walked it already.

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  1. Sandra Torguson says:

    Geez, you lost 26 lbs and you were already a tiny person. Oh my! Obviously, we are all quite glad that you are on the mend. I’m sure that the kids are just glad to have you back. Waiting on them will happen later. Go rest!!

  2. freebirdsings says:

    I read your Lenten Walk. It sure sounds more difficult than my husband’s quadruple bypass or kidney removal. The thing is, with his bypass, although the breastbone was cut open and hurt like heck, the bypasses actually helped him feel better almost right away. As for the kidney, well his body had to adjust to only having half it’s filtering capability and that took about a year. He had no terrible build-up to the kidney unlike the heart situation but that’s his story and as I compare it to yours I can see that the disease would have perhaps been gentler if you’d been seen right away but instead your body was getting worn out from the disease and THEN you had surgery and a major organ removal. You had a lot more going on than my husband and I could see how it took a toll on him. I can only imagine the toll on your body and family. Next time maybe you should do what my sister did when her gallbladder acted up one time too many for her. She went to the emergency department at her local hospital and walked right in and lay down on one of the empty beds and wouldn’t move off till they checked her out thoroughly (which ended with surgery).

    I think your printing your story has probably helped you put it all in perspective and you will be able to heal even better now. At least I hope so.

    • jenpedwards says:

      I imagine it is all quite horrible to go through. Not sure if one is worse or better than another. We just have to take what we are given and work through it with an eye on heaven. Writing my story has certainly helped. And I am daily gaining strength and mobility. Thanks so much for faithfully visiting my blog and commenting!!

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