A Line for Maddie

Friends of ours who went to live overseas, said to those of us sending them off, that we were the ones holding the line on the other end for them.  I loved that thought! And, as an artist, the idea that I hold one end of the drawn line as they “draw” the lines of their journey, fascinates, inspires, and touches me deeply.

This is what I envisioned this past Saturday, as we Walked for a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes with our daughter Maddie.  ALL of these people, the long ribbon of folks ahead of and behind us, hold the line for her and for every Type 1 child and adult who lives with this disease. We were ALL connected that day.  All of us joined together by one single line… a HOPE for a cure for juvenile diabetes.

I thought how, for me, this line begins with my daughter and connects to me, my husband (the one carrying the young girls’ jackets:), Maddie’s cousin Zoe, our friend Anna, and all of you!  You who have sent donations (over $500!) and well-wishes and cheers of support for our girl.

Thank you for holding the line for my Maddie! Randy and I are deeply grateful to all of you! Merci.

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0 thoughts on “A Line for Maddie

  1. ann says:

    Wonderful drawing! Maddie is growing up so fast! And into a lovely young lady. Glad you had a good day and walk. I have been hoping for years for a cure for life threatening food allergies because of Hannah’s peanut allergy. I know too well the fear you face every day as life with a serious food allergy and diabetes are not altogether different. In fact, I have my suspicions that they are related in more ways than anyone lets on. You are doing a great job as Maddie’s advocate and supporter.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you Ann! When Maddie was diagnosed with Type 1, they also tested her for Celiac (sp?), an allergy to gluten. I think you are right about the food allergies. There is so much that falls under the category of Auto-Immune Diseases. Someday, maybe there will be a cure not only for
      type 1, but for the root cause of so many of these issues.

  2. Alex Tan says:

    Beautifully drawn. I really hope that Maddie will be free from all these one day and just able to enjoy and live normally. She’s lucky to have loved ones around her caring for her too, and it’s not hard to tell that she’s got such a sweet personality. 🙂 Lovely pictures!

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