A Recent Conversation


Curiosity: “Hmmm…I wonder what my line drawings would look like embroidered?”

Reason: “What, really? Ok, seriously…you’re not thinking of starting something new are you?”

Curiosity: “Why not? It would be fun! Just give it a go, and see what comes of it.”

Reason: “Jen, come on…you have so many projects going now already!! You do not need to add any more. Besides, you know how you hate feeling pulled in so many creative directions!”


Curiosity: “But just look at those stitches! Look at all the colors of thread, floss, yarn…not to mention the cool stitchwork, the embellishing I could do with buttons and beads…”

Reason: “Yeah, well surely you realize just how time-consuming embroidery is! You can draw 50 drawings in the time it will take you to finish one embroidered drawing! Please be reasonable here!”

Curiosity: “I don’t care if it takes me forever, I just wanna try it! I’ve thought of this numerous times in the past and never actually tried it. I just need to explore it a bit, see where it leads. I may just need to get it out of my system.”

Reason: “Well, you and I both know that sometimes your “just trying it” turns into months and years worth of work.”


Curiosity: “…months and years worth of PLAY! and enjoyment and fun and oh have you seen Rebecca Ringquist’s work? Ooooh….now that’s an embroidery I could get into. Or at least try some of the elements she uses. And then there’s LiliPopo Sketches…oh and Jenny Hart…”

Reason: “Oh golly, I can see you have already succumbed. You’re gonna be pulling your hair out and untangling tiny threads and wishing you had even more time to do all the creative stuff you get yourself into. Don’t come running to me when you’re fretting!”


Curiosity: “OK…I won’t. This is so cool…do you see this? The layers of fabric are like collage…the machine stitching I used to baste the fabrics is like an underpainting, then the stitches of lines I have drawn from sketching at the Ciener Botanical Gardens downtown, and I can’t wait to embellish with some beads and buttons maybe…and then……..


7 thoughts on “A Recent Conversation

  1. Elizabeth Marley says:

    Wish I had a hot cup of apple cider to enjoy while that conversation played out!! It is a familiar one as another reader commented. Ianxiously awaiting….

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