A “Reportage” of My Own


I have long admired the reportage (pronounced re-por-TAJ [french]) illustrators of Studio 1482! I love the whole concept behind drawings made at an event to “report” on the happenings there.  This video is a MUST SEE about my favorite reportage artist, Veronica Lawlor.



I do consider what I’m doing in most, if not all, of my drawings, to be a “reportage” of my world.  It might be reporting and describing what goes on in my home (such as endless laundry), yard, or neighborhood.  It might be reportage of events or trips, such as our recent trip to Michigan, or a day trip to Stoneville with a friend.  My life events are much more rural and domestic than that of Veronica Lawlor’s, but they are just as “draw worthy”!



Your “world” is draw-worthy too! Even the smallest bits and baubles you might draw are mini-stories about you and what you experience. I do love to draw my kids…the breakfast of a nine year old is never lonely (always a friend-or two or three-sitting there keeping her company); lazy summer days playing Wii games, like Harvest Moon; and teen boy searching the internet for Black Ops tips (on the XBox, no less).

Try sitting and drawing stuff while it’s happening. If figures are daunting, just choose something in the event or scene that would remind of you of that moment. Maybe it’s a clock on the wall, or a vase of flowers you just picked from your yard.  Perhaps you’re at a concert or an outdoor event…draw something there to remember the fun you’re having…draw the sign of the event, or the ticket, or a person(s) you’re with.  Splash color around, or not.  Keep a sketchbook just for these “reportage” drawings.

Like Veronica says, “It (reportage drawing) makes me more involved in the world, because I want to know what’s going on, because I want to be there, if something’s happening I want to be a a part of it.  It makes me more curious, it makes me more engaged.”

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  1. Timaree says:

    Nice sketches of your family. I’ll have to try doing outline drawings of my husband and dogs so I can get them down before they move but then do the rest of the environment too.

    My sister is moving to Japan and getting rid of all her belongings and furniture so while visiting this weekend I drew her favorite birdbath so I did a bit of reportage myself!

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