A Sewing Machine

Please bear with me while I brag a little bit more.  I think when you become a mom, you are automatically given Bragging Rights.  Well, my oldest daughter has quite literally been A SEWING MACHINE.  For two days she has wrestled fabric and an old sewing machine into submission.  I watched in awe as she went from an idea in her head through to the final piece.

Her idea? To repurpose a large pair of jeans bought at Goodwill for $3.50 and make them into a duffle bag!  It turned out super!  She cut off the legs and folded the bottom with some amazing geometry.  She also used part of a leg to craft a rectangular top.  She even set in two zippers around the top to meet in the middle!!  I was amazed!  I could not have set in that zipper more beautifully…especially considering the thicknesses she was working with: jeans, industrial zipper, and belt loops! To top it off, she recycled round metal rings from an old purse she had to create the straps.  For this she removed the belt loops to sew them down in just the right spot and to attach the rings.

Here’s a pic of what we are affectionately calling the Big Buffle…extracted from the Big Butt & Duffle.

0 thoughts on “A Sewing Machine

  1. E*phi says:

    Wow, you have a very creative and skillful daughter! I made one of those jeans bags too back in schoolime, but mine wasn’t as elaborate with zippers and all that! Awesome!
    And I absolutely LOVE your ballpoint portrait, it’s fantastic!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Yes! AND…the zippers she put in open up right where the front zipper and button are on the jeans, thus allowing the bag to be opened even further! Cool, huh?

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