A Shop of Their Own


I’ve been moving into a new shop lately! An Etsy Shop that is. Mind you, my previous Etsy shop is still open as well with a new banner also!

I felt like my shop was too jumbled and wasn’t clear as to what I was actually selling. So I’ve divided the items into a new pattern only shop, whose banner you see above, and an artwork shop, (which also has a new banner), for original artwork, cards & prints, and signed copies of my books for sale.

When you visit the Knitterly Arts Shop, you will see that I’ve also trimmed down the amount of patterns I have for sale. This is because I want to concentrate on items for your shoulders: shawls, wraps, ponchos, and even a bag or two eventually. Be sure to keep checking in on this shop for additions as I have many designs I’m working on typing up for you to enjoy.


Where have the other patterns gone? Well…they are slowly being added to my FREE patterns page, so check there too in the near future as I add my cupcake pattern, my owl and bird pattern, etc. I’ll also alert you, here on my Knitterly Arts blog as to when they’ve been added. Soon! Very soon!


I also updated one of my favorite crochet scarf patterns: It has a new name now: Simplicity Scarf, since it uses the same lovely V-stitch as my Simplicity Shawl. I’ve also ADDED a floral pin as an option for folks who like securing a scarf with a pin. But it is still the same low price for the pattern.

***To celebrate the Opening (and RE-opening) of each of these shops, I’m offering a 20% discount on anything in BOTH of the shops!! That’s right, all patterns, original artwork, cards, prints, signed books are all on sale! Your Coupon Code to type in when you check out is: OpeningDay.

This coupon is good from now until Friday, September 19th, 2014.


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