A Silly Thing: Crochet Door Stopper Cover


Ideas have a way of getting a big toe in the door of my creative mind. Sometimes I shoo them away saying, “Oh that’s just silly!” And I don’t pay them any more mind. There are times, though, that I’ll give way to the silly, open the door a bit more, and see what happens.


I don’t know if I’d been pondering all the yarn bombing that goes on in the world. Like this and this…and oh this here. But a silly little home yarn bombing idea came into my head and out my fingers. You see, we have these ugly spring-looking door stopper thingys behind the doors in our house. they are old, a bit rusty looking, and several of them have lost their rubber tip, or it sits there cracked, barely hanging on for dear life. ย They’re yucky little eyesores. It may be only me who sees them. But since it matters to me, I thought I’d do something about it.

Off I went to Lowe’s to look for replacements for the rubber thingys. However, I was half hoping there would not be any, because that silly idea had already got it’s foot in the door and was jangling to be tried out. Sure enough…no replacements to be found for the rubber tips on these stoppers. Ha! I can now try out my silly ole idea!


So into the yarn stash I went and up came I with several bits of bright happy colors! My thinking was to choose a yarn that was fairly thick and durable. Thick enough to actually be a soft stopper for the door and durable to time and possible cat interest. Trusty ole Red Heart was perfect. A little flower to tip the end of a stem growing out of my wall! Yes, I like it very much.


For those who may be interested in a little silliness for their door stoppers, here’s how I made mine:

1. Using yellow (or any color for the center of the flower) I made a magic ring loop. I crocheted 7 sc into the ring of yarn. I pulled on the yarn to close up the center hole completely. Slip stitched to the beg sc and changed colors.

2. I then worked 2 sc into each FRONT LOOP ONLY of the 7 sc around. (You will use the back loop for crocheting the green stem.) I joined with a slip stitch, fastened off, then weaved in all the ends.

3. Taking a green color (or anything you fancy), I sc in each of the 8 loops of yarn that were the BACK LOOPS of the yellow center sc stitches. I know there were only 7 sc that created the center, but somehow there are 8 loops, I’m thinking it’s from the slip stitch at the end of that round. Anyhow, this is not a precise crochet project. Just find 8 loops around, sc in them.

4. Do not slip stitch to the beginning sc of each round. I just kept on making sc stitches around and around until I achieved the length needed to cover my door stoppers (approx 3″). Sl st to end these rounds. Fasten off and weave in this green end.

5. Slip flower stem onto your stopper and voila! It’s a silly but fun thing indeed!


0 thoughts on “A Silly Thing: Crochet Door Stopper Cover

    • jenpedwards says:

      It might not be considered yarn bombing, but I am (ever so slowly) crocheting a cover for a hassock in my studio. I’ve also thought about yarn bombing the tall swivel chair at my drawing table. How about you?

      • freebirdsings says:

        That sounds wonderful! I bought a crocheted hassock from One World Market and paid a hefty price for it. I’m sure something made by you rather than a commercial one will be better quality but mine did fit my living room and its colors. Hoping and pretty sure you will ; ) , share it.

  1. freebirdsings says:

    I love these. I won’t make them for my house simply because I have 4 shedding dogs and a super shedding cat along with pergo floors sending all the hair to the edges of the room where those stoppers sit : ( but I might make some for my daughters Easter basket! She loves little pretty surprises everywhere. They are so much cuter than the doorstops!

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