A Summer Tote

I’ve been carrying around this tote I bought a couple of summer’s ago from Harris Teeter.  It’s the straw kind, with a fabric lining…great for toting my knitting & crochet projects wherever I go.  It’s  a perfect size and gives ample room for my sketchbook and pens too!  I thought the cross-hatch approach would be super for the strawy texture.

Of course, I have FAR too many bags to tote yarns and such around in…and that’s not including the pocketbooks! Oi! Remember this post?  And then there’s the crocheted bag I love to make and use for my summer pocketbooks.

How ’bout you? Do you have a favorite tote for your drawing supplies? yarns? everyday essentials?  Do tell!

0 thoughts on “A Summer Tote

  1. Timaree says:

    Great sketch! I think the hatching worked great. I have one rater large purse my daughter bought for me after I’d tried to downsize and it didn’t work. So she up-sized me. I can carry my kindle, a small watercolor palette, pen, pencil and a journal and my purse barely notices. My arm does after a while but my purse handles it all pretty well!

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