A Swirl of Ideas…


Yep, this is me…hunched over, knitting (or crocheting) to beat the band…trying to work out a new idea, finish up  proofing a pattern, or write out in longhand what I’ve just made.  It’s all very fun, but isn’t very cohesive.  I’ve just not been able to work at my projects for any length of time lately.  🙁  My days and weeks are so chopped up with a plethora of wonderful things, but still interruptive to the excitement of getting my online pattern shop up and running.  I have two great friends who are helping me with this endeavor–one is testing the patterns and the other creating the website, so it feels like a group effort, and makes it so much more fun!  So many thanks and hugs to Ellen and Amy for all they have done to see this little dream of mine come to life.  It will be soon, I hope, very soon.

Part of the problem is that once I said “yes” to this direction, to offering my designs in pattern form online, the floodgate of ideas has swung wide open and is pouring them into my brain at an alarming rate.  A problem? you say?  Well, yes!  I’ve got dozens of patterns already waiting to be typed up, I don’t need to add any new ones to the queue.  So what I’m doing is using a sketchbook as a sort of “pensieve” (to use a Harry Potter term).  I draw, sketch, write about the whole idea as given to me, and leave it there for a day when I can get to it.  It is certainly better than NOT writing anything down, since I might forget it, lose it altogether.  This way, I have the kernel of what I need to bring the idea to life in the near future.  Sure is fun!  Then I can go about the task of pattern writing (which I’m actually having fun with…writing them MY way) with a lessened need to get these new ideas out THIS MINUTE.  That’s what they tell me, you know.  “You must make me NOW!”  Well, a couple of them, I’ve actually given in and made them…can’t wait to share them with you, but many of them go in the “pensieve” and will just have to wait.  Well, I’m off to catch some much needed sleep.  After which I shall wake up with the ideas pouring in…good grief!

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  1. Timaree (freebird) says:

    Love your painting! The notebook is a great idea. Don’t forget to add snips of yarn you find that fit those projects. I’m sure your brain is still working on the details even while you work physically on other projects.

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