A Walk to the Park

Sunday afternoons are great for slow walks.  Maddie and I went out and about in our neighborhood this past Sunday.  The weather was gorgeous! A light breeze kept us cool.

We gathered “treasures” along the way: a colorful leaf, and some long-stemmed fuzzy weeds that work great as things to shoot (did you do this as a kid? Wrap the long end over the stem closest to the base of the fuzzy part, hold it in one hand and the long part in the other hand.  Pull real hard and hope that it snaps the fuzzy end off, shooting it out a ways.  Doesn’t always work.  Maddie got a bit frustrated, but eventually mastered it after using a small field full of those things!)

We got to the park in our neighborhood to swing.  She likes the individual swings and I like the porch-like swings we have around the perimeter of the park.  It’s perfect for sketching as it gives you a view of the whole area.

I began the page by sketching the leaf and the long-stemmed fuzzy weed.  Then I just randomly added in different views of the park area.  Before we left the park, I asked her to add anything she would like to the page.  I peered over her shoulder as she immediately started drawing.

At first, I didn’t understand why she was drawing a bird’s nest on the leaf.  And then, it dawned on me! She sees this leaf as a tree!  How cool is that?  After all, the leaf does appear to be growing out of the ground!!

I love it when we see things differently! Well, not all the time! Sometimes she does NOT see that her room needs to be cleaned up and it seems as plain as the nose on my face!  But when it comes to art…it’s really cool to see what she sees.

The same is true with all artists…to see what they see and how they choose to express what they see.  Really. Totally. Cool!

P.S.  Maddie pointed out to me, that the moon was out.  It was 3 pm in the afternoon. What would I do without my Maddie to help me see? 🙂

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