Adorn the Cat!

When you’ve trimmed the tree, bedecked the halls, festooned the mantel, placed Christmas finery on every flat surface and hung it from every rafter, the only thing left to adorn is…the cat!  Well, if you have one, that is.  Our cat, Lucy, is a Christmas cat.  Santa brought her to our children 3 Christmases ago and we fell in love.  She thinks she’s human and loves to be petted and held.  So I made a Christmasy collar for her (and one or two for other occasions).  I thought I’d give you the pattern here, it’s such a simple little thing.

You’ll need:  One 13mm jingle bell, Small amount of Nylon Crochet Thread, or Mason Line (a plastic twine I found at Lowe’s Hardware), one small button (I prefer the kind that has the hole under the button, but those that have holes actually seen from the top of the button would be fine), size G hook, and one yarn needle.  **Choose colors you fancy for the season or “just ’cause”.

Note before we begin:  My cat is, I think, an average size cat, so the amount of chains here work beautifully for her…however, your cat may be larger or smaller, so adjust the number of chains, and then adjust where you place the jingle bell along the collar.  I’ve chosen to place the bell in such a way as to have the button showing on the side of her neck when the jingle bell is hanging right underneath her neck.  You may want the button on the very top of her neck…doesn’t matter, make it how you like.  You might also like to add several jingle bells!

With your G hook and chosen thread, ch 40, dc in the 3rd chain from hook and in each ch across stopping at ch 26 to add jingle bell (*see note below), then dc to end.  Fasten off, leaving long end for sewing on button (**see note below).  Secure the ends together (***see note below) and weave in ends if needed.

*Adding Jingle Bell: on the 26th dc, do not complete the last step of this dc.  Pull the first lp off your hook, leaving the second one on the hook.

Pinch the first lp together, push it through the jingle bell hole, then catch the lp with your hook once again and complete this dc (wrap and pull through both lps).  Continue with pattern as written.

**Sewing on the button:  Weave the long end and shorter end to where you want the button to be.  Then, using long end, secure the button. Tie ends together in a knot.

***Securing the ends:  (Here’s where sparks may fly:)   Both the nylon thread and the plastic twine are slippery and do not stay secured very well.  I don’t want my cat to be able to wrench it off or have the button get loose.  So I use a bit of flame from a candle lighter to “melt” the nylon or plastic right at the knot.  This works like a charm because the threads melt into each other and all you have to do is snip off the loose ends.  You could weave them in a bit more if you like to, but it isn’t necessary.

You do not need a button hole…the space in between each double crochet makes a perfect button hole.  Just choose a button that will fit snuggly in between the stitches.  I just used buttons from my stash (which is in desperate need of refreshment), so be creative with the buttons…they can be so pretty!  Lucy is now making the sweetest sounding jingle wherever she goes…and the red on her dark fur is stunning, don’t you think?

A very Merry Christmas to you all…and your cats!

P.S.  I realize this is a total break with my usual drawings…holiday festivities, setting up a fish tank for the “new” goldfish since Lucy ate the last two out of the bowl, have kept me from being able to draw the last few days.  I will be back at it after Christmas!  Can’t wait!  Besides, I’m not sure I could’ve made the drawing as cute as she really is:)

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  1. Florence says:

    Awww that is sweet. We have two cats and our male cat Mittens is an absolute twin to your Lucy. So much so that my daughter thought I had put his picture on when she saw your blog. Very nice idea with the collars.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you all for commenting! How neat that your cat is so similar to our Lucy! I hope you are all able to make the collar…even though I could not straighten out the photos there. I’m so techno-challenged!

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