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Drum Roll Please….

All three of my Drawn2 blogs are now under one roof! Here on Drawn2Life, we now have all the posts and pages from Drawn2Be, which was a blog for all things Genevieve. AND we have all the posts and pages from Drawn2Knit here as well! I’m very excited about this, as it will bring together everything I love into one space for sharing, and hopefully cut down on feeling the need to post to all three on a regular basis, which does make one a bit crazy. :/

I  wanted to point out where everything has landed, so that if you’re interested you know where to go directly for either of these subjects. There is SO much here available to you on Drawn2Life, and sometimes you might be missing it, since when you subscribe, it only gives you that day’s post. Unless you click to view the home page, you won’t see all the pages above the header, nor any of the goodies I have for you in the right hand margin.

Up top there, in the photo of my blog’s homepage, you see a list of topics. When you go to this homepage, you can simply click on any topic to go directly to it.  Of course, my Drawing Lessons are there for you, as well as my FREE patterns for Knitting or Crocheting something fun. This section was updated when I brought over Drawn2Knit, as I had a few more there than I had listed here.

There are some basic, beginner tutorials for learning to knit and add some embellishments to a simple scarf, in the Knit & Crochet How-2 section. And then a lengthy bit titled My Fiber Filosophy, on how I think about the yarn arts…sort of an artist statement for my knit & crochet self.



If you scroll down the right hand margin, you’ll find all kinds of goodies. A few of them are the same as in the Pages at the top of the Header, like the About Me. But you simply click on the image and it will take you there. Scroll down past the Etsy link and Letters to An Artist link, and you’ll see the Categories section. This is where you’ll find all the Genevieve posts from Drawn2Be in a section, as well as all the Knit & Crochet posts from both Drawn2Knit and Drawn2Life together in one spot. Of course, you can browse around to any section to see other topics I pop in and out of from time to time, like Poetry and France Under My Feet, a section of postings of drawings in and around my town of Kernersville.

My website,, has been updated to reflect all of these changes, so I’m super happy about that! But I am working on figuring out what happened to my drawing videos. They have been deleted from You Tube for some reason. I think I can remedy that in some way and I’ll let you know soon! There is so much here for you to enjoy, I only ask that you respect my copyright on everything here from drawings and paintings, to photographs, to writings. If you are wanting to share any of these, please ASK! I am grateful to graphic designers who have asked to purchase my drawings for their use. That makes it all worthwhile.

I’ll leave you today with a quote from Julia Cameron in her book Walking in this World. I’m re-reading this for the umpteenth time and it is so so very good for creative encouragement. Get yourself a copy of this book! I actually think it is better than The Artist’s Way (which is totally awesome!) Scribble your thoughts in the margins, write it all out, you’ll be glad you did!

” ‘Art’ is less about what we could be and more about what we are than we normally acknowledge.

When we are fixated on getting better, we miss what it is we actually are…

If we are always striving to be something more and something different,

we dilute the power of what it is we actually are.

Doing that, we dilute our art.”

Julia Cameron pg. 84 Walking in this World

0 thoughts on “All Together Now!

  1. Ann says:

    Fantastic! It all looks wonderful and so nice to see everything together. I love the quote too. That book is going on my reading list 🙂

  2. freebirdsings says:

    A job well done! That quote made me think. I tend to think I should keep trying to do better, better but when I sit down and get into doing any type of art, suddenly better isn’t there anymore. It’s just me and the tools and the time disappears while I am having a good time not thinking of anything beyond what line to draw next or what color to use now. Guess it’s time to quit worrying about getting better and realize I just enjoy!

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