An Experiment

I’m very excited about a little journey I’m going on…a trip, yes! But also a journey into reportage illustration in a way I’ve never explored before: using ONLY an iPad!

Do come along with me as I chronicle moments on our family trip through drawings I create on my iPad. You may think me crazy, but it’s gonna be cool! At least it is for me…a terribly technologically challenged girl who is falling in love with her early birthday present.

The above drawing was created with an app called Draw Free. It’s completely FREE! I’m also using an app called Blogsy to enable me to blog on wordpress, add images, links, etc. On the iPad. It is TOTALLY AWESOME!! It cost me just $4.99, and has virtually turned my iPad into a full functioning laptop.

Will I ever use pens, sketch pad, or bookmarks again? Absolutely! But for this upcoming trip, I thought it would be fun to discover what I could do with “just the iPad”.

The above drawing was made using my fingertip. This one here was made with a stylus made for the iPad and other devices like it. I LOVE this little pen-like stylus!

0 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. Mom says:

    A wondrous adventure lies ahead and I for one can’t wait. This whole Blog is a journey into a soul of gentle understanding.

  2. cat says:

    I am eager to hear how you like drawing on the ipad. I bought Sketchbook Pro and got myself a stylus only to discover I like using my fingertip more than the stylus. But gimme an ol’ yellow pencil and pad of paper any day!

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