An Experiment

Wyndfall Canvas

I’ve had this canvas, 30″x 40″, for several years, just sitting in a closet waiting for…well, I’m not sure what.  Last summer I had an itch to paint something on it, but never felt like I had the right thing, and perhaps that ‘ol fear of large white spaces was looming as well.  So I was determined to put something on it this summer.  I started off with a teacup and teapot, as I used to do, in big, bold shapes and colors…but it just wasn’t right, it wasn’t “me” anymore, it just wasn’t happenin’.  The thing I kept thinking was…I sure wish I could get the “sketchiness” of my sketchbook onto a large canvas…   So.  I covered over the whole thing with gesso and various colors, then went into it with some brown acrylic lines and voila!  Fun.  I really enjoyed it and I like this big thing in my dining room.

This is a sketch painting of the view up at the top of our neighborhood.  We see the backside of this villa-like home from Mr. Whicker’s field which is filled with white morning glories all summer long.  I had made several sketches of this view last summer following my morning walks.  I like that it is a place familiar to me, and the simplicity of it is just what I was looking for.

So now I have plans for more.  But with bolder lines and colors…hmmm.  Maybe something like this:


That would be way cool on a big canvas…

Now I just need the guts to do it!!:)

0 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. danscanvas says:

    I really like the texture and wisps of color in the bottom 3/4 of the canvas. Also the flowers lead the eye straight to the house. Nice effort.:)

  2. nancy tasker says:

    Way to go! I love the simplicity and airiness of it. Don’t hold back. Do another one and just keep telling yourself you can paint over it if you don’t like it. I think you’ll love what you do! nancy

  3. anntnem says:

    I meant to comment on this the other day and got distracted. I really like your painting “experiment”. It has a freshness and immediacy that is so inviting to me. I love the expressive line work too.

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