Aquatic Adventures

We are spending a good bit of our time in the amazing and totally awesome aquatic center on the campus here at Calvin College. The older two kids are taking diving lessons while the youngest is taking swimming lessons. Each of them wears a cheshire grin the entire time.

Maddie was signed up for her lesson prior to us getting here. The older two were captivated when they came to watch Maddie, by the diving lessons going on…”Mom, can we please?”. It’s been incredible to see how each of them has progressed in only a week…and they have another week to go! I just wish we had this kind of thing back in K’ville…I don’t know of any diving classes or opportunities there.

Not only are we here, at the Aquatic Center, for the daily lessons, but they also beg to come during the family swim times…EVERY DAY! I swim too…or knit…or draw on my iPad:)

0 thoughts on “Aquatic Adventures

  1. Timaree says:

    It will be a vacation they’ll remember forever and should they forget they can look back at their mom’s Ipad sketch journal where you’ve saved all of these right?

  2. nancy t says:

    It’s a wonderful place to spend time during this intense heat! Well done!! I hope you got to be in the water too …. it’s mighty hot sitting in the bleachers of an indoor pool. nancy

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