Art from the Past

It’s a curious thing, to go into people’s homes or businesses and see one’s artwork from years gone by.  It makes me think about that time in my life when I painted it, what was going on in our family, and where I was as an artist.  Reminiscing makes me grateful…grateful for this creative life to which I’ve been called.

My son recently got his braces off! He is one happy young man.  And while I waited the hour for this to be done, I drew…

…sketches of my own paintings that are hanging in their waiting room! Several years ago, when Mitchell and Bartlett Orthodontics first came to Kernersville, our oldest daughter had her teeth realigned to a beautiful smile.  We LOVE these guys! Actually, it was only Mitchell Orthodontics at the time, but Dr. Mitchell has now added another orthodontist to her practice, and they are a terrific duo.  She purchased four pieces of artwork from me…the other two are in the back area somewhere.

It’s fun to visit my paintings every now and then.  Maddie will soon be joining them, as her mouth will likely require even more “realigning” than her brother and sister.  I’ll have many more opportunities to visit these paintings in the years to come!

The first painting on the wall up there is a pastel piece on big paper of two peppers, one yellow, one red.  The next painting featured here is an acrylic on canvas of a blue pepper.  This was my “big fruits & veggies phase”…about seven or eight years ago!

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