Art in the Margins


I’ve often thought that if I can reclaim the inconsequential segments of my life, I could actually accomplish a few things.  Often, we artists talk ourselves out of drawing or painting because we don’t have hours on end to be in our studios.  Personally, I find motherhood to be a huge challenge for finding time to paint, especially in the summertime, when our lives are chopped up into little bits driving here, there, and everywhere.  If you take your sketchbook with you, you’ll find all kinds of time to draw…during soccer practices, swim lessons, and piano lessons.


These sketches were made while my youngest had her weekly piano lesson at a friend’s house who has a gorgeous outdoor room.  These are a few views from sitting in one spot and pivoting a bit as I drew.  Bits of color added later.  By the end of a week of this “drawing in the margins” of your life, you will be amazed at how much art you’ve been able to make.


0 thoughts on “Art in the Margins

  1. Libbi says:

    Love these! We do try to find all the excuses we can, don’t we! Thanks for the inspiration…I’m off to draw some rocks that were at the beach!!

  2. Cecelia says:

    Interesting. I first thought of how I used to draw in the margins of my paper, or a piece of paper underneath what I was supposed to be working on as a student. As a teacher, I took along a clipboard to draw while I was sitting on duty, and at places like pep rallies. Now, I take a little sketchbook with me. Certainly helps pass the time, and entertains others!

  3. Pippa says:

    That is so true!

    Perhaps that is the way everyday art is created … by creating art in the margins of our lives. Thanks for reminding us. Beautiful sketches!

  4. sandy says:

    So true, I have been known to sketch a 30 second’s worth while in line to a drive up bank window. Enjoy every Moment (and eautiful sketches here)

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