Art & Motherhood

Spring Art 043

Being an artist and a mother is sometimes frought with unwelcome surprises and detours. The juggling act is an art form in itself. Motherhood is filled with bussing kids around to all their activities, helping with homework, being available to talk, guiding, and caring for them when they are sick. This does not often allow for much art to be created, even when you have a very helpful and supportive husband as I do. I do like to try capturing these “real life” moments in my sketchbook when I can. My youngest is sick again, has been for a few days:( This drawing was made the last time she was home from school with sickness. My heart breaks for her as she is missing some of the most fun days…the last days of the school year! There is much about motherhood that is joyful and sweet…then there are the hard times, times when you wish you had a magic wand that could make it all better for them. Spring Art 053

On a different note…I’ve just finished the latest of my art journals. Now I must confess I keep about 5 going at a time, various sizes and papers, but this is the main one and I’m going to miss it. This and the last one were made in the same kind of sketchbook. I really like the square 8 x 8 format and I’m going to have to get some more. I’m determined though to finish some of the others through the summer months. When I finish playing the game Guess Who (for the umpteenth trillionth time!) with my sweet girl, I’m gonna break out the sketch book and draw…my life, both inside and outside these four walls. Art is the key to sanity in motherhood!

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