August Break…with a Twist

A favorite crafter of mine, Betz White, is participating in August Break…an idea put forward by an online friend of hers. You can read here the idea behind it.  Basically, it’s an opportunity to take a break from drafting riveting blog posts, and just posting a lovely photograph of August, with only a word or two or none.  My twist on this will be to post a simple line drawing, using my sketchbook and pen as the “lens” through which I see my world.  These will be little “dropping-in-moments”.  I’m a bit late on this, but I won’t sweat it.  There’s enough sweating going on with our temperatures lately, and add to that the feverish race to begin a new school year.  Whew! I’ll need a lot of “breaks” to simply mark in lines, the moments before me.  Perhaps you’d like to join in?

Title to the above sketch: Backyard Dance.

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