Autumn Blaze Continued…

And so, I set my chair down in different spots along Silver Dapple Lane…to see my world from new vantage points.  I’m also varying the tools I use to draw.  We need this, both in life and in our art…to have our eyes refreshed with new vision and to vary how we walk through it.

This view is from down the Lane a bit, with Mr. Whicker’s driveway turning off to the right…do you see his mailbox?  He planted the Autumn Blaze trees along the road as well as down his driveway.  I’m using a calligraphy pen with a cartridge of non-waterproof ink to draw with here as well as in the previous two drawings.  It creates wonderful passages when you go in with the paint…dissolving the ink in places, running it into the colors.

This is a quicker sketch of one of the barns through the blazing trees.  At first I didn’t like this sketch, but it has grown on me…something to do with it’s quick, dashed off look harkening to the hasty demise of Autumn.  I walk along the Lane now and everything is bare.  Wind and rain has completely carried away the dress of Autumn’s Blaze.  There aren’t even any embers on the ground around them.

Though there’s something sad about Fall’s leaving…I do find a strange joy in the bare, stark trees and ground around me.  It feels clean.  Open.  Free of clutter.  Fresh.  Like a new white page in my sketchbook.  I’m looking forward to donning hat and gloves to draw the winter field, to find the Beauty lurking there.

I hope you’ll come along too.

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  1. nancy t says:

    Lovely. The leaves are all gone from the trees here in the mitten too, although we do have quite a few still needing to be mowed over for mulch. I like the idea of using non-waterproof ink to get the blending – very nice, indeed! nancy

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