Baby Step #2: Wonder!

A new print for my Etsy Shop!  This one is titled, Wonder in the Weeds. You can read the posting that went along with it HERE. The watercolor painting was created eight months ago and since then I’ve been humbled to hear of how this little image has encouraged many of you.  Life certainly has a way of feeling like the weeds are crowding out the beauty.  But a little bit of searching, sometimes on our hands and knees, can reveal wonders untold even in the midst of the overgrown weeds.

The date of this little sketch of Genevieve in my writing journal is April 3rd of last year…Creatively speaking, I was feeling way overwhelmed with the overgrown weeds at the time.  Life seemed to be choking out a lot of the ideas I was dying to get out, so many of them Genevieve related.  I began to take some baby steps even then, which resulted in the opening of my Etsy Shop.

Each little baby step I take is like a little seed gently planted out in the world.  These seeds take root and begin growing immediately, even if it is only in my heart, giving me cheer.  But it is my hope that it will bring cheer to others as well.  I’m learning a lot about this practice of taking Baby Steps…it really is good medicine!  Thank you all so much for joining me and receiving these little steps as I go along.

Thought for the Day:  Baby Steps Make Glad Heart

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