Baby Step #9: Pyramid Gift Box Pattern

How an idea comes to life…

1.  A shape pops into my head.  Pyramid!

2.  A question follows on its heels.  How can I make that shape in knitting?

3.  Paper & folding ensues.  Ahh…so that’s how!

4.  Another question pops up.  What can the shape be used for other than a sachet?

5.  Leaving shape open on one side.  Yeah, righto.  A gift box!

6.  Yet another question.  How can I make it festive?

7.  Jar of leftover bits of yarn, ribbons, and raffia says “Use Me!”  Oooh, yes!

8.  Button bin starts yelling too!  Even brads work pretty well for a gift box! (Lime green polka dots are brads!)

9. Et Voila!

To view and/or purchase this knitted pattern...CLICK HERE!!

**A Note on Baby Steps:  It needs to be said that each Baby Step I’ve posted here, actually has SEVERAL baby steps imbedded in the making of each one!!  So, for instance, in creating a pattern for others to use, you have Step One: Idea.  Step Two: Working out the idea ( in pen & paper, yarn & needles, etc.)  Step Three: Sitting with the completed “prototype” to see if you are satisfied with it, or whether it needs something else.  Step Four:  Typing up the pattern in humanly readable terms rather than the chicken scrawl you have on a throwaway piece of paper.  Step Five:  Photographing the finished project.  Step Six: Adding photo and EDITING the pattern for mistakes. Step Seven: Downloading pattern to Yarnworks site, Etsy, Ravelry, etc.  Whew!!

The KEY to creating by the Baby Step method:  DO NOT let yourself look ahead to all the zillions of steps you need to make.  JUST BE PRESENT IN THE ONE STEP YOU NEED TO MAKE NOW!!!  This helps me so so much!  I get too overwhelmed by all the ideas swirling in my head and all the steps necessary to make the idea a reality.  I have to HAVE PATIENCE and MOMENT PRESENTNESS.  Not easy for me.  But it is so rewarding to see the idea come to life and to share it with others! 🙂

0 thoughts on “Baby Step #9: Pyramid Gift Box Pattern

  1. Dr Cornelius Snorter says:

    I am following your blog but for some reason I didn’t get any notification on this post. Good job I decided to nip round to your site anyway or I may have missed this.
    I love your artwork
    I love your splashes (they always seem just right)
    I love your colours

    Baby steps is what I need to keep thinking or I could so easily stop sketching before I even know it.

  2. jutta says:

    Great idea! And I like the two levels of paper, the drawn one and the real one. One questions – I have seen that on other drawings too – are the splashes on purpose or is it the type of ink you use that you can’t avoid it? I suppose it is on purpose, but I am curious.

  3. jenpedwards says:

    Yes, Jutta, the splashes are done on purpose using watercolor paints. The pen I use to draw is just a bic pen. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment!!!

  4. Alex Tan says:

    I simply love how everything come together so well in this drawing…he colors are just splashing with joy!
    I just want to let you know Jennifer that I got the drawing. It totally made my day again =) Thank you so very much and the little note is very sweet

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