Beauty in Suburbia

Cul de sac's end

Taking a break from Favorite Artists, I wanted to show you some drawings from my own yard…literally.  So often I think I need to go elsewhere to have something “worthy” to draw…mountains, countryside, ocean, europe, etc.  But often it is found right under our noses.  For these drawings I sat in my front yard and merely turned the folding chair around by degrees.  I set my eyes to looking for the abstraction in nature…the shapes and connections of them, the shift in values and textures.  I specifically drew them within an imposed rectangle or square to further hone in on abstract shapes and lines.  I completely lost track of time and when I finally “came-to” I had forgotten to eat lunch (which is highly unlike me).  Working with line automatically means you are working in abstraction, since there are really no lines in nature.  And then using line to suggest value or texture or movement heightens the abstract quality of what you’re trying to draw.  Such fun!  Taking the time to really see what’s around me creates for me a greater awareness of the beauty of the life I’ve been given.  No need for greener pastures…they are right in my front yard.

From holly to Kelly's

Shapes in Nature

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