Beauty Right Around the Corner

Whicker Farm

About a year ago, I decided to make some small sketches of a beautiful spot at the top of our neighborhood.  Wyndfall was built on land neighboring a farm owned by Mr. Leo Whicker.  I assumed that Wyndfall was built on what used to be his land, but I came to find out, through wonderful serendipitous events, that my neighborhood actually sits on Smith land.  The Smiths and the Whickers have long been friends and landowners here in Kernersville.  From these sketches and some photographs, I made a charcoal drawing of his barn and house; and in the process was able to meet him, get to know him and the history of his land and of this part of the town I live in.  I LOVE this kind of stuff: learning about the history of land and how it changed hands over the years, and meeting such wonderful people as Mr. Whicker and Mrs. Gail  Smith Love, from whom I’ve learned much of the history of “these parts”.  Some day, I will post a much longer segment about this area and its people, featuring these two grand folks who have lived here in Kernersville all their lives.  For now, i’m tickled pink that this drawing will hang in Mr. Whicker’s home.  My next, self-imposed assignment is to make a charcoal portrait of him…you will not believe how youthful and full of mirth this 82 year old gentleman is.  He is a delight to talk to and a wealth of information and history.  He AND his land are beauties that exist right around the corner from my house.  How fortunate am I!

0 thoughts on “Beauty Right Around the Corner

  1. Alex Tan says:

    Couldn’t agree more! What a fantastic drawing! Beautiful perspective, beautiful scene… it radiates calmness and peacefulness and brings the heart closer to serenity.

  2. Gary says:

    My sister used to live around Kernersville a long time ago when her husband was assigned to Greensboro airport (air traffic controller). It was so nice to be able to see her and her family so often (we are in Boone). I have had similar experiences from drawing an old house around here to run into an owner or some other interested party who wanted to tell me of the history and significance of the old homestead. A rich and rewarding experience for all involved. Beautiful work here.

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