Bee in My Bonnet

I got a “bee in my bonnet” last week…saw a Cap Sleeve Wrap advertised (but no pattern) in one of the Interweave Crochet magazines. You know what that feels like–“gotta make it!” takes over the last bit of sanity you had in you and next thing you know, you’re buying the yarn and half way finished. Well, sort of. But anyway, I “made up” the pattern since the wrap looked quite simple, but I changed some things. I used several yarns instead of one; summery colors instead of a fall color; and made it reversible for two slightly different looks. The first look has a button closure and shows all the “fringe” from switching colors randomly. I’ll wear it this way on days I’m feelin’ groovy. The reverse side has a smoother look to the color variations and is enclosed by a tie and hidden button. This is the side I’ll wear on my less flamboyant days. When you finish one of these “bee in your bonnet” projects, there’s a huge sigh of satisfaction and relief…the bee is gone…but only temporarily:)

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