So much of life screams at us DO this!, DO that!, GO here!, GO there!, ACCOMPLISH this!, ACCOMPLISH that!  It helps me if I repeat over the screaming, “Just be!”

Somehow it doesn’t seem so production oriented…to “just be”.  Oh, to be sure, I can make “being” a whole lotta work!  But when I’m “being” in the way I should, present-minded, taking moments to just breathe, mentally record little beauties here and there, then I’m actually able to move through my busy days less harried, less frazzled, more purposeful.

It would be so cool if we could have a conversation…to share back and forth…what helps you to “just be”?  Send me your thoughts in the comment section and I’ll compile them to share with everybody!

0 thoughts on “Be!*Li*cious!

  1. Elza Metzelaar says:

    It took me a long time to discover how to ‘just be’. While working on a career there is always the tendency to ‘keep up’ but it really is all ‘between the ears’, because we do it to ourselves. Lately, I can ‘just be’ and lock the hubbub out. Especially the drawing and painting keeps my mind quiet.

  2. raena says:

    This one requires some thought, which isn’t coming very easily for me tonight. I’ll have to sleep on it and get back to you. She’s cute as can be though!

  3. delph says:

    Looking at your painting makes me happy!
    For me, to just be is whenever I manage to open my senses and stop projecting and ruminating thoughts. Laughing, badly playing my guitar, anything, really, as long as it’s done with feeling, not thinking!

  4. Timaree (freebird) says:

    Sitting outside with iced tea or coffee. Just sitting. No sketchpad or camera. Storing up thoughts, soaking up sunshine, looking at the trees, space and plants around me and enjoying my dogs. Time slows down when you make just sitting a practice like meditation. I would never have done it either except my husband loves to be outdoors and this is how I join him.

  5. piper (little sis) says:

    puddle of sweet tears as i stumble on an unsurmountable soul-gushing waterfall of creative excellence pouring out of my very own always striving for truth sister! Well…i think, perhaps, you’ve found it! The thing! The pinnacle to which all of these creative searches have led you (all of us). I feel as if dear Genevieve lives inside me and is just waiting to be unleashed….but how? with 4 young children and a fight to survive financial hardship? i love her…i love you!
    -your severely blessed sister,

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