Bienvenue à Tous!

Welcome All!  Genevieve is so glad you’ve popped in for a visit! You can read more about her in the category titled, Genevieve. But to give you a brief bio:  She’s an american who fancies herself to be french. She loves tea, flowers, birds, and trees. She wants to be present in all she does. To help her “just be!”, she loves to draw, paint, write, sing and play music, knit and crochet. At the end of it all, she just likes to sit and listen…the world is teaming with life, if she’ll only be still and listen for it!

**She is incredibly excited to share with you her 1st children’s book titled Genevieve and the Kite! Click here to read about the making of this sweet book.  To get a copy for yourself or a friend, CLICK HERE! This will give you links to three channels through which to purchase my book. 😉

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0 thoughts on “Bienvenue à Tous!

  1. Maddie Edwards says:

    The stuff about Genevieve… FABULOUS !!!!!! I especially like the drawings and the words about the weed one and ALL of the rest. Changing the subject when are you going to do the book?or the dummy of the book? I know you are doing what Genevieve’s world will look like but still.

  2. delph says:

    Trop mignonne, cette Geneviève! This new blog and concept sounds awesome. Love the colors, they’re so happy. J’espère qu’il y aura plein de posts sur ce nouveau blog!

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