Blooming Through

On the first day of sitting in My Field and drawing, I glanced down to see one lone morning glory amidst a rather invasive ground cover.  Poised to bloom, it struck me that I am much like that morning glory.  So much of life feels like the dark green invasive ground cover, ever marching on in its relentless to-dos. Busyness can feel like one is struggling to keep one’s head above the fray to breathe, to bloom, to be.  I don’t want to merely survive…I want to bloom!

And it struck me too, that this doing of art, this pushing aside the to-do list of never ending laundry, meal prep, dishes, shuttling, planning, doing, this purposing to sit down and draw is MUCH like pushing aside the thick ground cover, stretching up and breathing, allowing the air to fill, expand, and grow one’s mind and heart in creativity.  When I draw or paint, it feels like blooming.

I’m hoping you have a weekend of blooming through the ground cover!

0 thoughts on “Blooming Through

  1. Suzanne says:

    Love it! And you are so right about all the ‘groundcovers of life’ trying to take over! You have a wonderful way of expressing things, both in your art and in your words; thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Alex Tan says:

    One of the very first flower names that I learnt in school back when I was 8 I think. Love it, and have always thought that bluish purple flowers are so cool. Your sketch of it just compliments how cool the flower is ^^

  3. freebirdsings - Timaree says:

    It sure does feel like life can be an invasive ground cover and this post sounds just like something Genevieve would say! I can tell you that eventually you will weed out enough ground cover that your blooms will multiply! Kids grow up and while we get to enjoy them, we get to do less laundry, cooking and other maintenance jobs. We get to take more time to create which sometimes means making things for them or grandkids but it takes on a less frenzied aspect so you will feel like the groundcover is just enough to keep you tied to earth as your blooming helps you soar!

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