Bootie Love!


There are so many fabulous baby bootie patterns available, that I get dizzy just trying to decide which one to make! When we have friends who are getting ready to have a little one, I love knitting or crocheting a pair of booties as a gift. Hmmm…should I crochet a pair of these as I’ve done before?  Or maybe I could try these or these or even this pair!


So I loaded up my small project bag a friend quilted for me, and off I went…


For the expected girl baby, I decided to go with a favorite knit pattern of mine. I got this from Susan B. Anderson’s blog a couple of years ago. I don’t see it now. But it’s a wonderfully simple origami-like pattern.


For the expected boy baby, I found this pattern and fell in love! Crocheted in one piece, they could not have been easier! I loved the name of them: Elfin Baby Booties created by JoAnn Moser, otherwise known as the DIY Maven. I can’t wait to make another pair for a girl, perhaps in pink or orange!


I even enjoy packaging them and giving one my Genevieve cards to celebrate with the parents. Gift making and giving is such a pleasure!

I also find pleasure in the structure of these little booties. I love figuring out how they’re constructed, how the shape is formed, and how the stitches bring about this overall shape. It’s fascinating to me. Maybe I’m nuts. They’re like little sculptures made out of yarn. I like that.:)

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**AND…how DO you spell Tah-Dah? Is it Ta-Dah? or Ta-Da? Or…. Crikey!

0 thoughts on “Bootie Love!

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Super cute! I quit trying for bootees as I couldn’t get a decent gauge and they never fit any baby!

    As for ta dah, that is how I would spell it as we say it “tuh dah”. At least I do! I wonder if there are regional differences on the pronunciation.

  2. Marie says:

    These are gorgeous. Any new parent would be delighted to receive these as a gift especially as they are so beautifully gift wrapped too. I can’t knit but I used to crochet many years ago. Perhaps I should have another go. 🙂 x

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