As if it weren’t enough to have an Art Show to prepare for, I’ve also dived, head first, into SEVERAL knitting and crochet projects! Add to that the drawcumenting of my days, the cooking for family, the shuttling children here and there, the everyday goings on of small town living…and I’m waving my white flag! “Uncle!”

I don’t think my cat, Lucy is too worried about me though! Truth be told, I’m sitting under that mound happily working at whatever my hands need to be doing at any given moment. Well, maybe there’s the odd groan of frustration from time to time. But in case I’m scarce around blogland in the coming weeks, you’ll know why! :0

0 thoughts on “Buried

  1. Timaree freebirdsings says:

    I am feeling like this too with my moving back to California at last. The frantic pace always levels out even though it might seem like the business is going full speed ahead! Even things we want to do can get overwhelming when too many pile up at once. Love the picture!

    • jenpedwards says:

      TIMAREE!!!!! How lovely to hear from you!!! Are you all settled in in California? I hope all is well and that you are finding a bit of time for sketching and painting! So glad to know you are still visiting! Thank you for this comment! I look forward to hearing from you again!

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