Co-mMission Accomplished! Portrait #12

Perhaps you'll remember the charcoal of this young lady, or the preliminary watercolor sketches of her.  I'm pleased as punch with this final 25" x 22" watercolor portrait.  Thankfully, her mom was too!

Aslan’s Girl: Portrait #11

There are times when friends endure such suffering, that the only thing I feel I can do, is draw...draw something for them to ultimately receive, but also something for me to process my own grief and compassion.  I don't really know how to tell you the full story of this not-even-two-year-old girl, named Kate, who … Continue reading Aslan’s Girl: Portrait #11

Didn’t think I could…Portrait #10

I felt like "the little engine who couldn't" as I painted this...I kept thinking: I don't think I can do this! I don't think I can do this!  But looking at it now, I think I did! It's a weird thing to explain to someone that you really haven't the foggiest notion how to go … Continue reading Didn’t think I could…Portrait #10

More Prom Beauty: Portrait #9

Well, I reverted back.  Back to the cheaper paper.  It's actually an American Journey watercolor sketchbook from Cheap Joe's and they "said" that it was filled with their Kilimanjaro paper, but I told them I didn't think so.  It is much thinner than the Kilimanjaro 22" x 30" sheets and it doesn't have the same … Continue reading More Prom Beauty: Portrait #9

“Good” Paper: Portrait #8

Perhaps it doesn't show, but I felt quite "off my feet" working on this 140 lb. Saunders Waterford Cold Press Paper.  I used to use this paper all the time for full-sheet paintings using watercolor opaquely, thick & gloppy.  I didn't know how it would behave using the watercolor transparently.  Now I know.  But one … Continue reading “Good” Paper: Portrait #8

Portraits #1/2 & #3/4

I'm so silly...I charged ahead with my 100 portraits in watercolor idea, began with the one of my husband in his chef's hat, but wanted to include the other two portraits I had made in my cheapy sketchbook.  But how?  They were actually painted a day or so BEFORE the one of my husband (Portrait … Continue reading Portraits #1/2 & #3/4

Opening Night, Portrait #7

Our oldest daughter recently performed in her high school musical production of Wizard of Oz.  She and many other students worked long hours to produce one of THE best musicals Glenn High School had ever done!  Such talent! It was really amazing to watch.  My husband and I were so proud of her!  This portrait … Continue reading Opening Night, Portrait #7

Portrait #6: the Paper-Doll Relationship

You may feel this is not technically a portrait...but I like it as a portrait of my oldest daughter who loves to change the color of her nails no matter what time of day or night:)  This was the other abandoned drawing from last summer I found a week or so ago and decided to … Continue reading Portrait #6: the Paper-Doll Relationship

The Current Approach & #5

This is a drawing I did to begin a watercolor portrait of my youngest daughter LAST SUMMER.  I had these wonderful photos of her taken in winter when she came downstairs early one morning with curlers in her hair.  She curled up in a chair opposite me, and chatted away while the sun came up … Continue reading The Current Approach & #5

How it came about & Portrait #4

A friend of mine, emailed me recently: "I'm really excited about this 100 portraits project--will be such a treat to follow you.  I would love to hear about your inspiration for it. "  It is so lovely to be asked these kinds of questions, so I emailed the following to her: "...I'd love to chat … Continue reading How it came about & Portrait #4